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#relevant is a comedy and culture podcast hosted by Erin Garnett and Kaedi Martinson. Friends since they met at work in 2012, Erin immediately asked Kaedi to attend her wedding (seriously - it was the second conversation they had!) and things snowballed from there. When chats about trends started turning into hours-long banter, the gals of #relevant decided to share their..."knowledge"...with the internet machine.

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Malcolm came to Aaron from the local humane society. Lover of all. Enjoys giving kisses and tearing apart plastic balls. 


about the evil geniuses

When not eating popcorn, you can find Erin Garnett spending too much money in the fabric section at the local craft store, stressing over if her eyeshadow is dark enough, and raising a son, a husband and two dogs. 

erin garnett - co-host

kaedi martinson - co-host

Kaedi Martinson is an interior designer by trade, but also finds the time to create massive Pinterest boards, bleach the sh#t out of her hair, watch sailing videos and cast spells on local horses. 

aaron johnson - producer

Aaron Johnson has been dabbling in audio production since college. In between producing episodes, he can be found snowboarding, mixing vinyl, and cooking ridiculously good food. His pitbull rescue Malcolm is #relevant's official mascot.

malcolm - mascot